Wednesday, September 26, 2012

To the Ones Who Still See the Best in Me...

A year and couple of months ago, this quote was all over my facebook page. Back then, I thought that I really understood what it meant and what it was all about. I posted it with certain people in my mind showing them that YES! I'm over you and yes, I'm done running after you asking you to re-live our memories. I admit I'm known for being an attention freak and maybe I tend to always be the centre of attention BUT I know that I've never asked for something I didn't provide the other person with.  Don't get me wrong, I understand the whole concept of giving without expecting anything from others. But they were not the "others". They were 'the people' in my life. 

Couple of days ago, I re-posted this quote. No, not because I'm such a big fan of this post but rather because I think I finally got to the point where I don't want to run after them. It is clear to me now that we are not on the same page, not even in the same book.  I'm not going to deny how frustrated this leaves me but I know, I know very well, that it's not worth the effort anymore. Our relationship is not worth me getting devastated over false expectations and faded memories. 

I know this note might not get to the people I'm letting go off because it wouldn't really catch their attention if I write a post or win the Pulitzer award! But for those people who are still by my side despite the distances, differences and the headaches I give them everyday: thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the reason why I choose to be better person, a person who lives  her passions and seeks the best in herself.

Although I still love and cherish every single memory I lived with them and until this day I get so thrilled if I ever see their number brightening my phone screen, I hope and I pray that I don't have to go through this again. Nevertheless, I'll always see the good in people because there are people who see the good in me, granting me the opportunity of being a better person everyday. 



  1. I can totally relate to this Memo :* Loved it .. Straight to the point.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it Eman ^_^.. Thank you for your support <3

  3. The way I deal with these situations Mariam by not taking it personally because people by the end of the day deal with u based on their moods and situations. Today they might be all over you and the next day u won’t hear from them but it doesn’t mean that they don’t care. We tend to take things for granted which makes us act the way we do, we tend to hurt the people around us sometimes although that’s not our intention but u know better how life can be. In my opinion don’t give up on someone that meant a lot to u , I agree not to chase after them but be there when they come back :)

  4. You are right Nour. But after you said it, sometimes they're all over you and sometimes they are there. But at least, "sometimes they are there". The people I'm talking about they are not there anymore khalas and my problem is until this day I was still trying to patch this up but it wasn't happening 3refti..
    You're totally right, I have people in my life that I barely see or talk to but I know how they feel about me and they know how I do too. But these are not the people I'm talking about here.
    I love you *hug*

  5. Sorry to hear about your troubles with such people Mariam, it can never be easy having to deal with such situations as they are emotionally investing and draining. Thank u though for posting a message of support to the people who care about you. It is nice to see your appreciative side. I hope we all help each other become better people because humans have a lot of potential to be better. Bed3eelik Mariam :) Have a pleasant weekend.

    1. Thank you very much for your endless support walla Fady <3

      w deyman matensene b do3a2ak ^_^ and yes, humans have a lot to give and offer if they only embraced what's within them..

      have a blessed weekend yourself ^_^

  6. U r most welcome wallah ya Mariam :]!! InshAllah will keep u in my prayers mimo :] Yallah inshAllah we keep learning and getting better as human beings. I realized my response comes a week late as I did not c ur comment before, may u have a blessed weekend Mariam ^_^

  7. memo ya memo iam really proud of you taking such decisions in ur life forcing urself to choose what is best for urself and what shows the great mariam u are..that reflects a deep strenght in letting go what u love..keep it up,ilove ur posts :)

  8. and I love YOU.... trust me we are all capable of so much within us but we have yet to discover what we are capable of and better start now than's never too late ;)!