Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Words of a Believer

"The first break up is always the toughest," they said. Back then, when I was a 17 year old teenager with a broken heart and tub of ice cream, I didn't believe them. I thought to myself: "A break up is a break up! It is going to break me regardless if it's the first time or not." I was wrong.

A year ago (I guess it was a year ago), my best friend/almost lover and I separated, after having been together for 6-ish years. And it turned out that people were right. It might not necessarily be easier, but I sure felt stronger this time. Maybe it's the age, or that I am 'more' mature now, or maybe it's just that I am a big believer in love and I truly believe that love will always find a way in your life if you let it.

Why am I sharing this? All this personal talk? I wake up everyday knowing that there is a woman or a man out there that got their heart broken. There is another human being who has been rejected because they are from a different religious background, a different nationality, or strictly because their image don't fit the fantasy that the other person has  - yes I am talking about the physical appearance here regardless of how shallow this might sound, it happens. 

Cry, cry hard if you wish. Tear all his/her letters into shreds. Do whatever will make you go through this and never ever think that these are signs of weakness. You will go through an emotional roller coaster and it's ok! Yes, it is. Embrace every single emotion that will hit you along the way - no matter how long the journey takes.

And when the right time comes, and your heart feels those tingly emotions again, make sure you accept and welcome them with open arms. Never stop believing in the power of love and how far it can get you in life. 

Love is beautiful. Love is magic.