Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Better Mariam Living a Better Today

This is not the first time I start plotting down a triggered thought, a lingering feeling or anything of that sort, but I've always managed to come up with an excuse to pause whatever is in my head. So, beloved reader, this is the first actual full 'voice out' I've written since my graduation  from university (15 months ago)! Well, you know what they say, it is never too late.

I'm sure most of you if not all of you are aware of my struggle with weight loss. Here's a quick summary in case I haven't told you before: lost 25 kgs in 1.5 years (yey) ==> then had a surgery which left me lying on beds and sofas for 6+ months (not so yey) ==> result: full recovery but gained all kilos back. You can only imagine how this experience left me. I was devastated. I was continuously brought down by what people say or dare not say. I couldn't get my head around the idea of having to go through the whole process again. That I have to work out day and night again. Change my lifestyle and eating habits again. And so I tried, I joined the gym and went there on a regular basis, but I was going with the most negative energy one can carry. It wasn't until last week that I realised that maybe doing it for the second round is not as bad as it sounds. Maybe, just maybe,  like I inspired people in my first journey, I am destined to inspire more this time. This way I'll be doing what I need to be doing while fulfilling one of my passions, helping others along the way. 

So what's different this time?  I am fully aware now that I should be working on the interior as much the exterior and that  re-living the past is not so bad as long as I'm doing it with a clearer vision. Although arriving to this realization took me what looks like forever but I'm happy, really happy, that I'm where I am finally and that's because of life coaching sessions -which I started recently-, gym training sessions and most importantly the support of family, friends and neighbors. 

Today, I can voice out and say:  I'm on the right path. I'm working towards my passions and towards a better Mariam in a better world living a better today. 



  1. Mariam- I know exactly how you feel. I kept yo-yo dieting, and for two summers, my weight would reach what it was the year before- I'd go on a diet and lose it, only to gain it again. About a year ago, I decided to change this. I decided that THIS time (technically it was my FOURTH diet of large number of weightloss) will be different. And it has been, not only am I at my lowest weight, but I feel healthier, and more energetic than ever before. I decided that it will not be about the weightloss, it will be about being able to run, and lift weights, and indulge every once in a while... and it's left me feeling good. SO GOOD LUCK my dear- if I can do it, I am SURE you can do it better!! Best wishes <3

  2. Also- Mariam- I suggest you read a book called 'the low carb revolution'. It talks about a lot of the same stuff you talk about- about loving yourself and accepting yourself in order to be able to lose weight. It's a good book to read =)

  3. Nur habibti thank you for your support <3
    And exactly, let it be the second or fourth time. This time, we're doing it with a "clearer vision" :)

    Thank you again *hug*

  4. Your confession voices out a lot of bravery and lot of what many women are too shy and scared to profess. You have to know that you, for one, are a role model, for doing what you are doing every single day, in the right way, slowly, steadily and bravely. You are a role model too in the eyes of all ladies out there who need that courage, physically and mentally, and go on your path, as well. Glad to know that you are a better Mariam. What I see is a wonderful glowing Mariam everyday. Keep radiating that positive energy, and keep it up.
    All the best. xoxo

  5. Rita habibi thank you very much. What you said above really meant the world to me. Thank you for the encouragement. Thank you for your kind words. I really hope I am the person you described.

    Thank you again.