Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Broken Heart's Imagination

Today, I will be sharing a simple thought that occurred to me a week ago while I was sobbing - because you know, my epiphanies only rise when I hit rock bottom!

So my beloved readers, why do we miss people we are no longer in touch with? Why do we keep re-playing everything we shared with them over and over again? Yes, that's right, because with them we created the unforgettable memories. It was them all along that made that cup of coffee tastier, that movie funnier.... With them, we learnt how to love things outside our interests' circle, and with them we learnt how to appreciate the hours that push us closer to the not-so-happy ending.

They left. And although they are physically no longer here with us in any shape or form, we can still imagine them sitting at that specific bench, drinking that karak tea and eating their favourite smoked turkey sandwich. We can still smell them on our cardigans and scarves and  hear them whisper in our ears things that no one else would ever know nor understand.
All these and more could leave one after a breakup with a broken heart and endless (angry and/or sad) tears, I guess.

If we take a step back, just one step back and look at the present picture. Not our picture but theirs. How they look like now, what they do, how far they've become, who they hang out with... We will see no familiar places or faces. At least I know I don't anymore.

Do you see what I see now? They were who they were around us because together we created the perfect combination. And now, that they're sipping their different type of tea at a different place with different people, I can guarantee you that they, themselves are different. They are not the same people you created together, but most importantly, we are not the same people either.
Take another step back and look at yourselves, you will see my fellow heart broken readers that you have evolved. So hold on and embrace whatever the hell is about to come.

Lots of love and support from MC to you.

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