Monday, November 18, 2013

Powerless Me

Unpleasant thoughts come my way when I think of all the things I dont have control over. When I know that all I can offer the person in front of me is a hug, a kiss or maybe a kind word.

For all the people who don't know me, I am Mariam. Mariam the person who suffers with digesting the thought of losing the people around her to death. Let alone comforting people when losing their loved ones...

Today, only an hour ago, I was told that we have lost my young second cousin who lives in Australia and whom we've never met. I was also told that my other cousin is in intensive care right now (him, I have met couple of years ago while he was visiting us in Abu Dhabi) - please pray for his recovery.

Not until I was writing these words that I felt the news sinking in. I pictured the whole accident. How it happened? When? Who was doing what? And WHY did it happen?
We hear bad news every day and nothing feels worse than feeling helpless and powerless. And all I hear around me is people telling me to accept the "destiny" that is written for us. Maybe, one day.

All I have at the moment are questions and all I can hope and pray for is for God to provide their parents with strength...

Ya rab...


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