Monday, January 28, 2013

Limitless Determination

Like any other person, getting demotivated while trying to reach your long term goal is ordinary. But when the downs are taking place more than the ups this is when you know something is just not right. This is when you know that you have drifted away and your focus is no longer in the right place. Losing weight and getting in shape has always been one of the essential goals I've always striven to attain. 

Lately, my vision towards reaching to the end point has been blurred by no one else but myself. I have let the other Mariam in me, the one we are not so fond of, take over. She and her train of thoughts started invading my entity. Why do people put less effort to lose weight than I do and still succeed? Why do people keep comparing me to others? Why am I prevented from practicing things that will make my journey easier? Thoughts like this (and a lot worse) kept manipulating with my determination and intention to live the life I once chose to start. But I wasn't going to let this tag along for it not only affected my physique, but my inner self too. I decided to stop comparing myself to others in a negative manner. I decided to take action again

My wake up call came two days ago when my trainer -who was away last month- was amazed by my endurance and fitness level despite everything. We had a heart-to-heart conversation. Another one came from another inspirational person in my life who pushed me towards setting short and long term goals to help me visualize my journey. 

I don't feel bad about the downs I have been through so far, if anything I am grateful for the other vicious Mariam who helped me reach to where I am now. I am a determined woman and I know exactly where I'll be at through and at the end of my journey. 

I will  live the life I want to live with the determination, intention and energy I possess and the support of the ones igniting my path along the way.

Today, I start again.



  1. Both Mariams I'm dearly fond of, and extremely proud of. Keep up the amazing work. Everything pays in the end, one way or another.

  2. This is the way to live, to be positive but to be honest,you must always set goals in your life, it gives you something to strive for, and when you have them, set yourself some more ... With a little determination, you will reach those goals.

    1. nshalla I will. Thank you very much for you continuous support ^_^

  3. SING ALONG i belieevee ican flyyy hehe ilove ur spirit no matter what u say,do or think u're always fresh funny and adorable.. ILOVEUUU