Thursday, October 11, 2012

When Your Face is Stuffed in the Dirt

Ever felt like you're the underdog? When no matter what you do or where you reach is never enough? When you  give and give, try and try, but never seize to get their attention? I know I've been through this and more. I've always felt like I'm competing for the "grand prix", for their "oh wow Mariam! You did it!"... And by "their" I mean absolutely everyone. My family, friends, people on the street, anyone

There is nothing wrong with wanting people you care about to see what you're doing, to feel what you have to go through everyday to get to where you are, but it is when you wait for their appraisals that you stop living, being and doing anything for yourself. Your complete focus shifts towards the wrong direction. This is when you allow negative feelings and thoughts of frustration, defeat, disappointment and unfulfillment to penetrate within your soul, mind and body. At this point, whatever you do will never make you feel good about yourself. Whatever goals you reach will never give you the thrill. You will simply deprive yourself from celebrating  every single time you rise because you'll be blinded by what people are saying about others and not you. 

Last weekend, I heard a sentence that caused blood to rush through my entire body. "No one can take away your achievements". I remember I was on the cross trainer at the gym and I actually paused and stood there with thoughts flowing and tears pouring. The mini voices in my head started screaming: YES! YOU ARE BEING FOR YOUR SAKE. YOU ARE DOING FOR YOUR SAKE. It IS ok if a day passes and you don't get a pat on the shoulder because not all people express what's within like you do.

So, next time you feel like you are falling apart and your face is stuffed in the dirt know that time has come for you to do more, give more, achieve more, and try, try, and try a little more... Because at the end of the day, it's true fellow reader when they say: no one can take away your achievements unless you let them... You're a star, believe in yourself and what you are capable of, search within and you will find what you can do and how far you can reach, because you simply can



  1. Easier thing to do is to be selfish .Satisfy your needs,live to your expectations and dont care about what everyone thinks of you .
    ضحكتُ فقالوا: ألا تحتشم
    بكيت فقالوا ألا تبتسم
    بسمتُ فقالوا يُرائي بها
    عبست فقالوا بدا ما كتم
    صمتُّ فقالوا كليل اللسان
    نطقت فقالوا كثير الكلم
    حلمتُ فقالوا صنيع الجبان
    ولو كان مقتدراً لانتقم
    بسلتُ فقالوا لطيشٍ به
    وما كان مجترئاً لو حكم
    يقولون: شذَّ إذا قلتُ لا
    وإِمَّعة حين وافقتهم
    قأيقنت أنِّي مهما أردت
    رضى الناس لابدَّ من أن أُذم!

  2. I agree with everything but the selfish part. By doing what you're saying it does not mean that you are being selfish, it means that you are following your ambitions and dreams by just letting go of what people think or do and rather focus on your own goals and achievements and what really makes you happy :)

    Thank ghasanitta for your comment <3!