Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I speak, therefore I am

When I first started blogging, I chose the first title I could come up with: Mariam's Voice. Growing up, I have always had the option (or so I would like to believe) to voice out whenever I pleased, but I never really knew how far this will impact me through out the years. 

Today, I am not talking about the general concept of sharing my opinions whenever I wish -I tend to do that a lot- but I am rather talking about a more specific kind of voicing out. 

While driving back home this weekend, I had good two hours to think about something I have never paid much attention to until recently: my ability to speak my emotions. The ability to express what I feel and how I feel towards people.

Until recently, I never knew how hard it is for my surroundings to express their emotions to each other! I never paid attention to the fact that so many women and men alike find difficulty in approaching one another... And so my thoughts kept going back and forth trying to figure out the reasons behind this. I wouldn't say that they are avoiding the obvious situation. I also wouldn't say that they are avoiding waking up the elephant in the room... But I would totally say that most of them prefer walking on eggshells and I personally see no point in doing this.

Now most people who have already met me knows how deeply I feel about sharing my thoughts and emotions (hello! My posts are always so personal and well, sharing is caring). They also know that I am all for "Carpe Diem". I guess what I am trying to say here is that I don't see why anyone would find it so hard to write his/her words down especially if the person in front of them is an open book of blank pages waiting for them to lay their thoughts and emotions upon them!

Here's all I have to say to you today: take a chance. Voice out and speak up because you never know what you are missing and you never know who you will be inspiring.... And most importantly, you have nothing to lose. Oh and yes, one day, eventually, it will be too late.

After two exhausting hours of over analysing every single situation I have been through lately, I arrived home, parked my car and put on one last song: 
"I don't want to judge

What's in your heart

But if you're not ready for love
How can you be ready for life?
How can you be ready for life?"

So go on, carry that pen in your hand and avoid doodling on previous chapters, for my book has far too many empty pages ready to be filled up.

One last thought: a huge warm thank you to my voice that never failed me. I might have been put down in reaction to the words I say and the emotions I feel, but I have always find a way to rise up and will continue to do so. 


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